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Since 1974, we have delivered small Hot Shot Freight all over the US:  Delivering Oilfield Hot Shot to Oil Well Sites,
Rigs, Construction Sites, or LTL Pallets ASAP to North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Arizona,
Wyoming, and All Points, from or to Texas. Contact us for an LTL Freight Quote for Expedited Delivery, Pallet
Shipping, Pallet Delivery, Palletized Trucking, or any Hot Shot Freight, that other Hot Shot Companies or Hot Shot
Trucking Companies seem too slow, expensive, or just make you feel like your business is not that important.

For ASAP Delivery,  Local Trucking,  Hot Shot Delivery Services, and Hot Shot Logistics, contact Hotshot Texas
for an LTL Shipping Quote. There may be a lot of LTL Delivery companies in Houston, but for a Pallet Freight Quote
on any Pallet Freight, contact us for quick LTL Freight Rates
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Hotshot Texas, the # 1 LTL Carrier, for Pallet Trucking, in Houston Texas. When
you need one of the Best Trucking Companies Local, Houston, Humble, Statewide,
Texas, as well as the entire USA, for LTL Trucking, and Hot Shot Services, Make
HotShot Texas your first choice for a Hot Shot Business, ASAP or Overnight.
From 1 Pallet Local in Houston up to 10,000 lbs.  Out of Houston to All Points
inside the USA up to 4,000 LBS.   Small one item delivery in a car, pallet in a
Pickup truck or pallets on a trailer.

Vehicle Sizes:
  • Small car, Full-size Pickup, Van, Bobtail 16' to 24', Stakebed Truck 12' to 24'.
  • Refer or Refrigerated: 16' Box with temp as low as  -10 degrees.
  • 10' to 16' for up to 4,000 lbs for Local Houston, All Texas, and All Points USA.
  • 16' to 32' for up to 10,000 lbs for the Local Houston and Harris County area.
Specialty Trailers:
  • Forklift Trailers: For Forklifts weighing up to 10,000 LBS, running or not.
  • Vehicle Trailer: One car, truck or UTV's.
Notice to Out of town Clients:
All Loads are K9 Inspected for any
illegal substances